(ARAF) is a space that brings together black people and organizations which are committed to ending Racism by ending White Supremacy. We recognize that Racism affects all Black people irrespective of gender, age, language, educational levels, geographic location, class position, religious belief or political affiliation. In 1994 we were given false solutions because there was no understanding that White Supremacy is materially located in LAND THEFT from where it develops all its other branches to institutionalise itself as a way of life. White Supremacy is the cardinal enemy we must defeat to be able to breathe. We come together now because of the urgency to give direction to our people to avoid yet another false solution to racism.

After 20 years of continued Land dispossession sustained by deception, which we realise now, as Steve Biko has said, “the main contradiction in South Africa is “WHITE RACISM”. The only solution to…

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Southern Trees Bearing Strange Fruit

Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit Lyrics

Southern trees bear a strange fruit,
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root,
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze,
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.

Pastoral scene of the gallant south,
The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth,
Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh,
Then the sudden smell of burning flesh.

Here is fruit for the crows to pluck,
For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck,
For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop,
Here is a strange and bitter crop.

Racing The Cherry


Host: Nowadays Poetry Organisation

Racing The Cherry :


Nowadays Poetry Presents …… Racing the Cherry (A Strange Fruit)



Poetry show focussing on the insidious racial tension in South Africa, past and present. It also will touch on matters of gender and sexuality. The show will be on 30 January 2016. Poets, being the reflectors of the mood in society, including social ills in their environment, will be making critical comments on the issues arising that have been plaguing our 22-year old Democratic South Africa.

The big question will be: How long will it take us to taste the sweet fruit of Liberation from the social ills of Racism and Sexism.

The point is to inspire creative articulation, constructive thought and positive action in our society. The show will take place at the BAT Centre, at 12 pm, it’s a Free Event and open for all members of the public. The content promises to be socio-political, candid, satirical and unapologetic, come with an open heart and mind.

The concept explored….

Sexing the Cherry to Racing The Cherry

The theme is partly inspired by the title of a novel written in 1989 by Jeanette Winterson dealing with the journeys of a woman and her protégé Jordan, to find exotic fruits (strawberries, cherries and other luscious personal discoveries). Basically theirs journey is a journey into Self Identity, sensuality and is discovery within a discovery.

Strange fruit

A song performed famously by Billy Holiday who first sang and recorded it in 1937. It protested against the lynching (being hanged in public) of African Americans. South Africa itself knows a thing or two about such/related matters. As apparent in current day events of racial tensions. But like as the saying goes, you reap what you sow; Nowadays invites you to harvest.


031 Poetry still breathing?


The Underground Disciple

– Written by Lara Gemini Poet


Poetry in the olden days was a platform that certain people used as a way of giving their emotions and experiences a face. Shakespeare was one of the many poets who took poetry to higher almost holistic grounds and obviously as time progressed, poetry also found itself dressed in new times. Durban Poetry came to its peak as the new kid on the block in the last half a decade of the 90s when poets who had been writing to themselves found a platform to unite and share their thoughts with people who’d understand them.

During this era, the likes of Menzi Maseko, King Zoro and Coolfire Radebe came out and create awareness and space for poetry in Durban. This gave birth to Young Basadzi and Nowadays Poetry Sessions both rooted at the BAT Centre in the early 2000s. Rose Mokhosi, Ayanda Mkhize…

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Dust particles of a once known soul

The Underground Disciple

– By Nazlee Arbee


What do you do when fireworks and rubble
become of everyone you
once knew?

When you’re called to identify
Your family by a number of dismembered body parts,
And you recognize your mother
By the scarf pin you lent her that morning?

Streets lined with shattered souls
And broken homes.

Your neighbor’s son sits
At the foot of his mother as he waits for her to wake
And the explosions quake beneath your feet
Until even your tears have lost their heartbeat.


If your friends were in body bags,
And the only thing more disheartening than
Seeing their eyes closed
Is knowing that the world will mimic them.

What do you do when you witness
The brutality and the rape of your sister
As they undrape the Hijab from her head,
Break through the stitches of her Abaya,
Her body quivering still

When humanity…

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Words Prey

The Underground Disciple

 –          By Gxabhashe


Sounds of whispers in my sleep, ‘use your mouth to speak beautiful words. Use your words to pray to God, but until you pray with your soul, you are still spiritually slow, or maybe low’. I told them it’s hard to honestly talk to God when your love and spirit are not in sync with your natural instinct. Like tears, diluted by what makes us deluded souls. They look on as we divulge lies and the truth with actions. These angels I carry on my shoulders are very light in my journey of life. As I travel in conversations with words hidden in the unspoken. Words taken as tokens and dissected by these minds that don’t always listen. Some fragile, some agile, while some have the ability to reject junk. Allow your soul to vibe on vibrations of this verbal void of a commoner.

Up and…

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The Warm people

The Underground Disciple

– By Menzi Maseko


Who will survive the apocalypse?

The revolution is in the mind

How many times has our sun supernovaed

Waxed and waned

Yet still maintained

Some build sand castles that are weathered by time

I am present as the sun

The warm sound of the elephants step

The lions whelp

The warm smell of the marula tree

The warm sap of the gorged tree

Grapes, peaches and aloe bursting with euphoric life

I am warm like the sun struck earth

Colder than the unpeopled hearth

A stone at the top of the mountain breathes in the sun and breaks into water

Troposphere atmosphere terrestrial sphere

And we are made out of warm love and divine material

We are celestial

Intra-galactic spells inside a cell in a shell


Lush heavens cause we’ve seen ourselves through jagged hell

Menzi’s blog: litmusic-zwakala.blogspot.com

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New Years Revolution

Njengoba Singena Onyakeni Omusha Zimbongi, BoSonkondlo, Nani Maciko Nabafundi nabafundisi, ake sibhale ezinohlonze neziveza ngokusobala ukuthi singobani, silaphi, singenzenjani ukuze sikhanyisele isizwe nezizwe ngemibono yethu ….

Cikozani maciko, kepha lobani imibono yenu ngamapeni agxiza  izinyembezi, igazi nezithukuthuku zamaAfrika asaphila ngaphansi kwengcindezi yempoqabulungu …

Nginifisela Okuhle Kodwa, Nemibono ephusile necacile!!!

Liberation Thoughts, Sights and Sounds: The Musical Footprint – Music Without Boundaries https://t.co/CxTZu4qsU6— MenziMaseko (@MenziNgcamane) December 10, 2015

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